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Basically there are two kinds of meditation: Active and Contemplative.

Meditation that is “active” means that the meditator controls the thought process and gives it direction. Active meditation is used when the person using it has a specific goal in mind. This kind of meditation is demonstrated in our recordings of Universal Morning and Evening meditations.

Contemplation, by contrast, is “passive” meditation. It is a state of being, ideal when one doesn’t have a specific goal in mind – the meditator simply wants to be. Passive meditation is a great way to de-stress and recharge. It can also help find solutions to problems and provide clear ideas about future goals. Ho’oponopono is a great example of this kind of meditation.

Both forms of meditation are important and necessary in daily life. It is the meditator who must become sensitive to the urgings of his or her inner self to determine which type to use at any given time.

Programs that Employ Meditation


Silva Learning System and Silva Intuition (Click Here) These basic courses teach the Silva method of meditation and mind development. The first course introduces basic techniques and the second introduces more advanced meditation strategies through using intuition. Consult the calendar for the next offerings of each.

Success Full: Living and Success Full: Relating (Click Here) These workshops help participants to develop successful living skills and enjoy better relationships. Consult the calendar for the next offerings of each.

Living the Prayer of Quiet: Passive Meditation: This is a full-day retreat offered once in spring and once in fall. Various forms of contemplative meditation are described and practiced. Consult the calendar for the next offering.

Support Groups:

Tuesday Online World Energy Circle

Every Tuesday evening from 7 – 8 PM, participants interested in meditation gather on Zoom to share their meditation and life successes and to participate in a guided meditation. Each session lasts for approximately one hour. Participants are from many areas of the United States and abroad. To receive notices and get the link to participate, email the Hermitage at

Wednesday Energy Circles at the Hermitage

Wednesday evening Energy Circle participants come to the Hermitage at 3650 East 46th Street in Indianapolis from 7 to 8 PM to share their meditation and life successes and participate in a guided meditation. All are welcome. No reservations are required.

Start Your Own Energy Circle! Click here for instructions.

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Core Programs

See Obstacles as Opportunities

Success : Full Living

This program is designed to help you acquire successful living skills.

Life Tune-Up

Silva Meditation

The internationally acclaimed mind-development and meditation program.

Improve your Relationships

Success : Full Relating

Use meditation to better enjoy all of your relationships.

I learned how important right attitudes are. The course made me want to change, and it gave me the tools to structure new goals for myself.

Anonymous graduate

“Success: Full Living offers us a roadmap to inner peace and to a balance of inner and outer success.”

Gerald Jampolsky,M.D

“In Success: Full Relating, Justin Belitz, OFM, offers seven principles he has learned and lived— often through great struggle—about making relationships richer and more fulfilling.”

Barbara Stahura, Author and Certified Instructor, Journal to the Self®

“Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method, is a man I have admired for a long time. I have used the Silva Method of visualization for many years. It has helped me overcome illnesses, accidents and avoid surgery. I urge you to attend Silva’s training sessions.”

Wayne Dyer, Ph.D, Author and Certified Instructor, Journal to the Self®

“The field of personal improvement and inspirational writing is riddled with pseudo-technological claptrap very similar to the field of psychiatry. Fr. Justin’s writing is remarkably devoid of such; indeed, his messages are powerful truths about how to grow in life. He has crystallized his teaching with vigor, warmth, and love. This is some book!”

The Amazing Kreskin