Ways to give

As an independent nonprofit organization, our needs at The Hermitage are diverse. We appreciate any and all forms of support.

But there are other ways, beyond financial donations, to help. For more information, please feel free to call Lulu at 317-545-0742 or email her at Lulu@hermitageindy.org.

Or Click the Donation button below to donate to us through our website!

Here are a few examples of the help we are looking for right now:

  • update manuals into the computer
  • manage our social media
  • help with the Newsletter
  • sort and bind the Board Minutes from the past few years
  • help LuLu in the office with specific tasks

Show Your Generosity

Make a Difference

Set up a one-time, monthly, or yearly donation
Donations from our sustaining members are the lifeblood of our organization. Our program planning relies on our confidence that much needed funds will be there as we prepare our annual budget.

Help maintain our Facebook page
The best way we keep in contact with our graduates and prospective participants is through “social media”. We try and keep our Facebook page updated as often as possible, and would like a volunteer to help post current events, items of interest and program offerings to our Facebook friends.

Participate in our semi-annual yard day clean up
We have almost 7 beautiful acres which provides a scenic and restful place to get in touch with nature. We host two fun filled days where people come to do light yard work, connect with other Hermitage volunteers and have a picnic!

Program Setup and Hospitality
The programs we offer at the Hermitage require significant planning and preparation. But most importantly is the experience new participants have when they walk into our building for the first time. Hospitality volunteers greet our new guests, make them feel welcome and help them settle in.

Remember us in your will!
We have been blessed with many bequests which leave a legacy of love and commitment to our organization and our programs. No donation is too small (or too large!) to continue your gift.

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