Free Meditation Downloads

For the past 40 years our students have used meditation to stimulate their immune systems to maintain perfect health.  We also use meditation to control pain, promote healing in ourselves and others and even to overcome serious illness like AIDS and cancer.  With the outbreak of the coronavirus, we are reminded, more than ever, how powerful meditation is. It can stimulate the immune system to avoid contracting the virus.  It can also be used to destroy the virus once it has infected the body.

The Franciscan Hermitage wishes to do its share to control and illuminate this virus. To that end, we are offering, free of charge, access to three meditations on Healing: Healing SelfHealing Others (for private meditation), and Healing Others (for group meditation). These three meditations guide the participant in visualizing health and joining others to reach maximum vitality and wellness. We invite you to use these meditations to help yourself, those you know, and those around the world who are threatened with the coronavirus and/or other illnesses.

Please click on the following meditations links below to download them in ZIP (archive) format, then extract for your FREE MP3.

Healing Self


Healing Others (Private Meditation)


Healing Others (Group Mediation)