I’d like to help – do you need volunteers? What can I do? How can I get involved? 

We have a lot of volunteers all over the world.  We can always use help in many areas.
You can help us with maintenance of the house and grounds, office work, computer skills, with marketing, promotion and publicity, etc. Please see our Ways to Help page for more information.

I take medication, should I consult a physician before I attend your program?

No.  However, we have worked with physicians who have patients with special needs and have helped them understand how to use meditation for their specific needs.

Is this a cult? Do you do mind control? 

We are definitely not a cult . We are a “Life Center” that some refer to as a Retreat Center.  We teach “Mind Discipline” which gives each individual the power to use their mind to its greatest potential.

Do you have any other online resources for me? 

This is what we hope to offer with this new website. Please let us know if there is anything missing that you’d like to see.

I don’t live near Indianapolis. Should I come to this? 

Yes! We have students coming from all over the country – even from Europe – for programs at the Hermitage.

Will there be any follow up experiences I can take advantage of?

Yes.  We have Energy Circles (meditation support groups) that are for all graduates of any program, as well as a special support group for Silva Graduates.

Are all ages welcome?

We welcome people of all ages! Of course, our programs deal with using meditation as a key component of our personal growth, so a younger person would need to be comfortable and prepared to sit in quiet, deep mediation for up to 15 minutes. Also, many of our program components last up to two hours between breaks, which, for some, could be challenging. We encourage parents who feel their children may benefit from our classes, to call us and discuss whether or not their child would be a good fit.

I’m shy, will you expect me to say a lot?

No. Everyone is allowed to be who they are. 

Is your program a replacement for mental health services?

No. But since our programs help to develop mental health, they can be used in conjunction with therapists to promote and speed up the process.

Is your facility available for other programs?

Yes.  We share our space with psychotherapists, massage therapists, and anyone else who fits our statement of purpose for “personal growth and development.

Are your programs “Satisfaction guaranteed”?


What makes your programs unique?

Our programs are “workshops” (theory AND practice –active participation by the students). All of our programs are geared to practical application in daily life.

What’s the difference between your programs and Silva?

Our Signature Program is Success: Full Living (a contemporary approach to responsible spirituality OR Spirituality For the 21st Century.  The Silva Programs are in-depth workshops on meditation and its application in daily life.

How large is the typical attendance to your classes?

Here at the Hermitage we are limited to about 30 people. In other locations in the USA and/or abroad we have had Audiences as large as 1,200 (for example in parishes here in the States and in Australia).

Can you bring your programs to my home town?

Our “servant model” takes us wherever we are invited (here and abroad). Please let us know if you are interested!

Are you handicap accessible?

Not entirely.  But we are happy to accommodate handicapped persons on the ground level AND on the main level with assistance.

Do you have rooms available to stay in during your program?

No, all of our programs  at the Hermitage are “day programs”  However, our “servant model” takes us to audiences all over, instead of audiences having to come to us.

Are you a non-profit?

Yes we are non-profit and tax-exempt.

Do I have to be Catholic to attend?

We are “inter-faith” or “non-denominational” – that is, we are open to everyone!

What does the “hermitage” mean?

A hermitage is where a “hermit” lives. A hermit is a person who lives in the quiet (away from everyone) so as to achieve self-awareness – to become a holy person.  We teach that the “hermitage” is the quiet space within every human being.  Meditation is the means by which a person can discover this place and use it to achieve a “Full Life.”

When did the Hermitage start?

The official date for our inception is Nov 16, 1984.

I learned how important right attitudes are. The course made me want to change, and it gave me the tools to structure new goals for myself.

Anonymous graduate

“Success: Full Living offers us a roadmap to inner peace and to a balance of inner and outer success.”

Gerald Jampolsky,M.D

“In Success: Full Relating, Justin Belitz, OFM, offers seven principles he has learned and lived— often through great struggle—about making relationships richer and more fulfilling.”

Barbara Stahura, Author and Certified Instructor, Journal to the Self®

“Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method, is a man I have admired for a long time. I have used the Silva Method of visualization for many years. It has helped me overcome illnesses, accidents and avoid surgery. I urge you to attend Silva’s training sessions.”

Wayne Dyer, Ph.D, Author and Certified Instructor, Journal to the Self®

“The field of personal improvement and inspirational writing is riddled with pseudo-technological claptrap very similar to the field of psychiatry. Fr. Justin’s writing is remarkably devoid of such; indeed, his messages are powerful truths about how to grow in life. He has crystallized his teaching with vigor, warmth, and love. This is some book!”

The Amazing Kreskin