Success Stories

Success Stories

The best testimonials are from people who have experienced first-hand how meditation and The Hermitage programs have helped their lives. Many of our graduates have success stories about using meditation to overcome stress of every kind so that they are now peaceful individuals. Here are just a few of our favorite Success Stories from the past year:

Change my thoughts, change my life.

“I was in the Success: Full Living workshop taught at the Hermitage. In one of the meditations I realized that when I change my thoughts I change my life. One night, after the workshop, I got lost going home. I would usually get very nervous and distraught, even panicky. Then I remembered that if I think in a positive way I will have a positive experience so that is what I did. I thought, “I may have to go down streets I have never seen before. I can enjoy the ride wherever it takes me.” I relaxed, found my way home and was relaxed the entire trip. I am continuing to move my thoughts in a positive direction and my life is becoming more and more fun!” ~ SFL student

Healing meditation success

“I had a nasty infection in my arm. Your healing meditation helped me turn the corner on it, I am convinced. It’s almost cured.” ~ Nancy

The self-healing heart

A priest was told by his cardiologist that he had a tear on one of his heart valves. The doctor wanted to check in a couple of months and if it became worse would suggest surgery. The priest immediately began using meditation on a daily basis, using the Hermitage “Self-Healing” meditation.  After 2 months, the doctor looked at the echocardiogram and said:  “Father, that valve has improved. I don’t know how to explain it.”  The priest continues to meditate for a perfect healing.

The best college prep

A college student was so upset when taking exams, she could not function properly and her grades were suffering terribly. After using meditation before and after studying AND during exams, she not only overcame her stress but is now getting excellent grades and spending less time studying.

Migraines be gone!

A pastor who was having severe migraine headaches on a regular basis can to the meditation class specifically to control these headaches. When we got to headache control in the workshop, he paid close attention. The next time he felt a migraine coming on, he applied the simple technique he learned and was able to stop the headache before it became a migraine. He no longer has headaches and is saving large amounts of money because he no longer needs medication nor the assistance of a doctor.

Take 3x a day with meals

A doctor took our meditation workshop because she wanted to find out if meditation could help her with high blood pressure. She purchased our CD and relaxation and began using it 3 times a day. Within 10 days her blood pressure went down to normal and she has been able to control it simply by using that CD when she needs to. Now, when she gets patients with high blood pressure she sends them to the Hermitage with a prescription that reads: “Volume 7, three times a day, once after each meal.”

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