Success : Full Relating

Improve your Relationships

Combines meditation with the “Life Mechanism*” and applies it to relationships.
Relationships bring us joy BUT they can also bring us great pain and sorrow. This statement is true for us today as it has been for centuries. However, we all have freewill. This means we can choose to enjoy all of our relationships – whether they are with ourselves, with others, or with other things.

Freewill also means that we can use unpleasant or painful relationships to our own advantage. The key is knowing how you relate and understanding seven principles that govern all relationships. In our weekend workshops you will learn to apply principles that govern all relationships, for example:

  • There is beauty in everyone and everything
  • You can change yourself, you cannot change others
  • You can take control of your life
  • Giving freely is always joyful
  • It is important for others to give to you


*The “Life Mechanism” is a simple, yet effective way to identify and achieve the goals you seek for a happy, successful and satisfying life.