Our Spiritual Side

Our Spiritual Side

For those who share the heritage of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and other religions, there is a seamless connection and rich tradition of meditation that unites all organized religion. Meditation is the means by which we consciously connect with the Divine (no matter what name you give to this Spiritual Reality!)

For those outside of organized religion, meditation is also the conscious connect with a Universal Source Energy that creates and sustains the Cosmos. This powerful and transforming Spiritual Reality links all of creation into one Cosmic, Divine, and Unconditional Love Energy. We are all one, whether we are part of organized religion or any specific world view.

As we so often say,  “There are many paths to the same truth” – and we welcome this diversity!

The Spirituality and Meditation programs you will find at the Hermitage appeal to all humanity, and we honor whatever path you choose to deepen your sense of self, purpose, and relationship to others, and the world.

For Father Justin’s students:
The materials and meditations you have grown to love and use are available here: Click Here for CDs and Books
(all downloadable meditations are $3.99)

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