The Franciscan Hermitage is an international, inter-faith, life center dedicated to the spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and professional growth and formation of persons of all persuasions and circumstances. We offer a variety of workshops, lectures, classes and support groups, each designed to empower individuals on their journeys of faith and wholeness.

Success Full Living Course

Tens of thousands of people have taken Success: Full Living, attained amazing results, and now live rewarding lives. In this 2-day workshop you learn how to:


• Clarify and plan for goals
• Keep your attitude positive
• Motivate yourself
• Overcome fear
• Move through life transitions effectively
• Learn to affirm yourself and others
• See problems and/or obstacles as opportunities

The class uses lecture, meditation, music, physical exercise, goal setting, and life planning in a setting of small-group discussions, audio-video aids, a detailed self-evaluation, and lots of fun.


The skills you receive can help you put meaning and peace in your life as well as show you how to create balance in your daily schedule.


After the class you will take home tools that you can use for the rest of your life; tools that you can give to your children and grand-children for the rest of their lives.


The  content is also available in book form and in a 3-CD album.
For a detailed brochure, or for booking, call Lulu at 317.545.0742 or

Energy Circles

Energy Circle is a network for anyone interested in sustaining a positive thought process and practicing daily mediation. It is a helpful follow-up to all of our programs. Energy Circle is open to the general public as well as our graduates.

Join us every Wednesday 7:00 – 8:00 pm at

The Franciscan Hermitage

3650 East 46th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone: (317) 545-0742

For details and/or how to set up your own Energy Circle, email